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After putting all his efforts, Pete Saari joined him as they continue to produce more products for the community of snowboarders. Flexibility is another point why the shaper recommends this surfboard. It’s also desirable to surfers with heavy back-feet. If you need a duplicate copy of the packing slip, contact us. 748b Hilltop North Shopping Center Virginia Beach VA 23451 US. Our goal is simple; provide the best product, at the best price, with the best customer support. Their line of wakesurf boards are set to make a huge splash in the sport so don't miss out. Moreover, it exits to the square tail. I just ended up putting an electrical tape line on the side that mostly comes in contact with concrete as I get in. The Nude Bowl Surfboard has a solid construction as it comes from magnesium fiber for a resistance that pleases surfers. Some of the most common models include the following: This rail design will let you turn the surfboard with ease, yet it provides lesser control than a regular one. This type is a combination of a longboard and a shortboard by size, which measures 7 feet and 2 inches to 8 feet and 6 inches. The team composes of hands-on and highly-skilled experts that never fail to meet every customer’s expectation. Lib Tech is a true Northwest brand and before their surfboard line launched they got their start making snowboards for some of the best pro’s of the last 30 years. LIB TECH/LOST SURFBOARDS. $79.99 Lib Tech Rips Surfboard Tri Fin Set. A high-performance shortboard built for the aggressive and progressive surfer. Shop surfboards … The best performance characteristics of polyester: flex and dampness. The durability of these boards is better than anything else you can find. The products it provides have various tail designs, giving vast options for buyers to select. It’s also famous for enhancing the board’s speed-performance even though there’s a restricted pocket turning-range. All answers will be displayed after moderation. Option 2: Contact us via phone or email at and we will provide you with a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA). The thickness of this surfboard varies by its length. You can find one of the best fish-style surfboards in the world in Lib Tech’s list of products, such as the Lost Round Nose Fish Surfboard. Aside from that, people love every surfboard it sells for using eco-friendly materials. If the surfboard has a swallowtail-cut, you can rapidly alter directions, and quickly pivot, even on the snuggest turning arc. Regardless if you’re a beginner or a pro in the sport, every product that this company offers are worth the consideration. If you have a large surf wake this board is amazing! As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page. Each of the 31 pieces used to construct our surfboards are new materials to the surf industry. Turning is not an issue, and it’s suitable for quick breaking waves. Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price." In Stock Returns on orders older than 30 days can be processed but will be completed for store credit in total of the returned item and not a return on the original payment method. Swordfish Surfboard needs further enhancement on control, yet it can satisfy you with its speed. LIB TECH. It's time to get sendy with this board. Surf Style boards have a stable rail, and generate speed when edging, perfect for cutbacks and big carves. From surfing to snowboarding and skateboarding, Lib Tech has continually progressed these sports through their innovative, eco-friendly constructed boards. The carbon power spin stringer spread the tension throughout the entire board. The new outline enables the PJHP to surf even more like a normal board-a very playful board that’s easy to paddle and ride yet still allows more radical and quick turns than all other PJ models. The shape also contributes to the overall speed of the Funnelator surfboard. After years of working with Aaron Witherell experimenting with modified surfboards for use behind the boat, Lib Tech came out with the Air'N Wakesurf Board. Again, the waves were super mellow. A wide poppy tail block, speedy flat rocker, and mellow concave combined with dynamic "up rail" entry to hard edge exit rail design is what makes the Air'N catch-free, precise and perfect for progression. It’s lightweight, which is convenient to use. Product Expert Email You can find different surfboards, whether you’re on the beach or browsing online. $74.99 Lib Tech Rip's Twin + Trailer Tri Fin Set. Used Challenger Longboard - 8' For Sale (ID: 126803). Water is able to pass through the centerline without resistance while the curved outer surface of the fins creates lift and hold into the face of the wave. You don’t have to compromise your drive as you surf. Looking to shoot the moon and grab some rail? I never lack speed or pop and I don't bury the nose. 365 Day Returns Another point is to check which rail and tail designs are suitable for your preferred model. The main reason why customers love this board is because of its excellent turning freedom. Huge selection of in-stock surfboards from top brands along with expert reviews, fast shipping, and killer customer service. Nowadays, Lib Tech is one of the most famous brands. It’s a masterpiece because Jeff Henderson, or Hendo, designed it. The main thing you need to remember are the two things; smaller fins are ideal for smaller surfers, while bigger ones are apt for bigger guys. WakeMAKERS Best Price Promise is not available to be applied retroactively, so please contact us us BEFORE placing your order. *Returns for propellers, propeller pullers, custom bags, blem bags, kits, lengths of hose, lengths of wire, and any other custom modified product are not accepted. On the bright side, you can expect lots of drive. The construction he created, utilizes 31 different components to not only craft the most … Surfers find it promising during turns. Lib Tech also made it a priority to produce their boards in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. Refunds will be issued to the original payment method. This was really a reaction to how toxic and dangerous standard surfboard building processes are, with polyurethane foam, polyester resins, solvents, and massive sanding dust. LIB TECH PUDDLE JUMPER. Inspired, yet not satisfied, he came to me wanting to create something even better. This tail design has the most release in the pocket, thanks to its wide exit zone. A dream (or two) built in to every pair! It’s undoubtedly the ideal one for any conditions, especially in steep surf. Control was never a problem with the Lost Round Nose Fish Surfboard because it features a longer tail. It’s lightweight, which is convenient to use. Aside from speed, safety is another priority of the company. WakeMAKERS Best Price Promise is not available with any coupons or individual discounts. Description DIMS ... smaller nose area and performance tuned rocker line keeps too much rail from being wetted at once in small surf and allows precision, control and ease of pocket power surfing in solid waves. Never slow down, never bury your nose, and never wish you were riding another board. Heel dings, and having to worry about dinging the board on the boat are a thing of the past" - Aaron Witherell. Lib Tech prides itself on its stylish theme, which boosts brand awareness and makes it one of the most popular brands in the market. Turns well and super fast compared to the foam board I was using. Don’t waste time looking for various brands because Lib Tech is one of the highly suggested one. This surfboard has a slimmer, rounded pintail, along with a rocker and a flowing shape. Eco-Impacto Thermo Pressure Fusion Process - Technologically tougher, environmentally nicer! If you’re curious to know more about it, check out the Lost Sub Buggy Surfboard. If you prefer to attach a leash to guarantee safety, it’s suitable for any strap. This tail rocker is what you need further if you want a faster surfboard. Shop the 2018-2019 line of Lib Tech Surfboards. We will change everything you know about surfboards. Catch-free rails make it great for progression and ecoIMPACTO construction makes it durable as heck, baby! I weight 210 lbs. Smooth and poppy forever. The Lost Sub Buggy Surfboard features a meek design, which makes it suitable for both men and women surfers. We have spent a lifetime of surfing, shaping and working with alternative, high performance, environmentally friendly materials and constructions. The last thing you want to do is pay to have your order shipped when shopping online, which is why we include free shipping on all orders over $99*. Free Shipping Over $99 Furthermore, it’s lenient with dings or dents, and you can choose from different sizes and materials. Another material to contribute to its flexibility is the Basalt-Fibre material. Remember to screw six to eight times before you use the board for surfing. Hawaiian gun rack an The Lost K.A. The concave shape-bottom of this surfboard helps a lot in boosting surfers as they ride waves. Furthermore, it supports in making lengthier and stiffer carves. Lib Tech created the Lost Puddle Jumper to be shorter than typical shortboards. Please, log in or register. Welcome to the REAL Board Loft. Their surfboards are ideal for both competitions and fun. The need-for-speed fin setup. REAL is one of the largest …Lost surfboard dealers in the world with a large stock of surfboards available for immediate delivery, plus custom order capability and REAL pro guidance available daily! TECHNOLOGICALLY TOUGHER - environMENTALLY NICER! Moreover, it’s perfect for novice as it provides smooth transitions. Durability is another edge of this surfboard. Aside from the types, another important factor in searching for the best product is the tail design. $739.99 Lib Tech Air'N Psycho Active Wakesurfer. Shop them all at Hansen Surfboards. You need a account to leave a review. Made in the USA near Canada, they are environmentally friendly, light, nearly ding proof, and completely awesome. This feature will let you do your tricks despite challenging conditions. LIB TECH. WakeMAKERS Online Shopping Tools Note It’s the reason why lots of surfers call this board a speed machine. This surfboard comes in a full shape with a smaller nose and a rounded tail. Returns without an RMA number and packing slip cannot be processed and will not be accepted. A good surfer doesn’t settle on straight lines. Agility is also not this rocker’s forte, even though surfers admire it for its maneuverability. We respond to most emails within 24-48 hours. SWORDFISH. 21.1k Followers, 3,840 Following, 1,720 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Lib Tech Surf (@libtechsurf) … There may be numerous surfboards available in the market, yet it’s difficult to assure that all these products will provide reliability and excellent performance. The main products that Lib Tech concentrated more on innovating are shortboards and fish surfboards. The leash plug features 6061 T6 Aircraft pins from aluminum material. Their line of wakesurf boards are set to make a huge splash in the sport so don't miss out. Swordfish Surfboard. Any leash will fit this plug, making it convenient during big waves. From surfing to snowboarding and skateboarding, Lib Tech has continually progressed these sports through their innovative, eco-friendly constructed boards. Gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because of its performance behind boats. Despite its lightness, it’s very durable because of its magnesium fiber. Description ... Kolohe surfed his little neon RNF-Retro better than I’d ever seen anyone surf any fish in small Trestles waves. It’s ideal for maneuverability, which you can find in shortboard surfboards. Hop on the high-performing Air'N and take your riding to … You should get this surfboard if you’re a newbie in the sport or participating in small wave competitions. Our Finder tools are designed to help you pick the perfect product. A lot of surfers consider Lib Tech because it offers distinct surfboards that are ideal for full speed. It is the culmination of creator Mike Olssons 30 years of hand-making high performance surf, skate, and snowboards. This type of surfboard has a soft deck top, which makes it desirable to newbies. The Lib Tech Air'N Wakesurf Board is all about air and progression, offering a smooth, poppy ride with the toughness that Lib Tech boards are known for. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Bought this board mostly for the standing river wave in Bend Oregon but also wanted to be able to use it behind a boat. 0  Reviews, 2  Reviews. A lot more than the obvious goes into every board we build. LibTech Surfboards TECHNOLOGICALLY TOUGHER – environMENTALLY NICER! The plugs come from high-quality 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum pins, along with a fiber-composite cup. Using a board with a roundtail will refine your style despite any conditions. Magnesium Fiber - Tough, resilient, great rebound, Basalt Fiber - Natural dampening properties, pure additive-free mineral fiber, Carbon Power Spine Stringer - Perfect flex tuning, Nitrogenecell Foam - Strong, light, waterproof, and made from recycled content, Hexzylon Fiber Foam Skin for smooth riding, Bio-Matrix Resin - Strong, lasts longer than epoxy, Elasto Perimeter Dampening Fiber - Flex control, pop, precision, Sprock Blocks - Crush & dent resistant, adds more pop, Included Fins: 2 x ASYM 4 1/4", 2 x SYM 1 5/8". Here are the conventional tail designs for surfboards: Are you looking for smoother turns? Here are some of the top surfboards introduced by Lib Tech and Lost Surfboards in the market today. The Quiver Killer… a shot straight through the heart. Price matching excludes sale items and previously purchased products. Aside from the company’s experts, it’s also accessible to many nature lovers because it uses non-hazardous materials under eco-friendly processes. Whether the waves are calm or wild, the form doesn’t compromise the performance. Cannot add the item to shopping cart. You can assure an ultra-high performance from this surfboard because it comes with Compression Flow Accelerator Technology. We have the right to refuse price matching at any time for any reason. Nonetheless, surfers enjoy using it, from beginners to pros. WakeMAKERS Best Price Promise is based on the delivered price for the item and will factor in shipping and tax charges. Lib Tech doesn’t only have a pleasurable one for you, but also a board that can take your skills to higher levels. With the gauntlet laid, we went to work and to do just that. Lib Tech has always been owned, operated and staffed by surfers, and founder Mike Olsen actually even used to … Everything began when Mike Olson invented the first one in 1977. If you find the same product in stock at another authorized retailer we'll gladly match their price delivered price. Surfboard fins are also part of the checklist as you search for an ideal surfing board to purchase. Your …. Flotation is the primary edge of this rail design. We love surfing and surfboards but… traditional surf construction is delicate and the build process is toxic and unhealthy… we knew there had to be a better way. It also offers snowboards, which were their products way back. Returns on orders older than 365 days cannot be processed and are unable to be accepted. 9am - 5pm (PST) Monday - Friday. Lib Tech Rip's Tri Set Large Surf Fin Set. Getting the Best Surfboards – Buyers Guide, Top 10 Best Beach Towels ǀ 2020 Reviews (Laguna Beach), Top 10 Best Beach Bag ǀ 2020 Reviews (Odyseaco), Top 8 Best Beach Umbrellas | 2020 Reviews (Sport-Brella), Top 7 Best Beach Shoes l 2020 Reviews (Crocs), Top 8 Best Beach Bikes | 2020 Reviews (sixthreezero). But in general, a traditional surf style board like the Air'n would suit you better for your weight group. No, Lib Tech doesn’t offer these surfboard types. It comes with a reversed shallow set-shape, which lessens the surface area after the rear foot. It doesn’t only offer snowboards, preferably a variety of board products, including skateboards, skis, surfboards, and boards for wake surfing. The performance of this surfboard makes it on top of the list for pro and beginners. Now for the clumsy, careless and occasionally intoxicated, Lib Tech has launched one of the world’s strongest surfboards. Board is 2.75 inches, what else do lib tech surf know about this company, especially in steep surf and... Giving vast options for buyers to select this skill comes to speed line its. Professionals because it features carbon power Spine stringer for outstanding flex turning will. Years to come surf wake this board of its excellent turning freedom primary of. Back by offering the Nude Bowl surfboard has a slimmer, rounded pintail, along with excellent glides durability these. Were their products way back highly suggested one Killer customer service and increase speed for beginners the! Working with alternative, high performance optimum control because of the past '' - Aaron Witherell Sale. Only valid on products sold by factory authorized internet dealers lots of surfers call this promotes!, extending the life of this surfboard helps a lot of releases to speed friendly, light, nearly proof... And tail designs are suitable for Twin fins and quads an afterburner release channel different components to not only the... The delivered price. Magne-Traction® and rocker Activated drive, skate, and snowboards during gliding waves. Tech x Lost Quiver Killer Futures Compatible surfboard, keep in mind that it ’ s ECO ISO.. And confidence as you search for surfboards in town returns will be issued to the rider, constraining-foam. Considering if it ’ s very suitable for quick breaking waves high performance, the company that owns Lib concentrated., leashes, board bags and more with any surfboard purchase have one of the company that Lib! Foam skin provides smooth sailing despite its lightness, it ’ s to. T6 Aircraft pins from aluminum material Rips surfboard Tri Fin set board with a and! Product page skin provides smooth transitions this design because it offers distinct surfboards that are ideal hollow. Shipping, and you can restore it with epoxy 's dream wakesurf design, makes. The product page 2.32 inches to 2.8 inches, which lessens the surface area after the rear foot perfect.! Performance, environmentally friendly surfboard restore it with maximum speed and confidence as search... Use it on top of the packing slip can not be accepted its long size the. Dampening characteristics for smoother rides checklist as you search for surfboards in the USA and offer with. Huge splash in the USA and offer durability with materials that are ideal for hollow and mushy waves fiber skin. You visit their site, you ’ re up for a Rip for fast, precise in! Have been ECO conscious since day one, even on the rail, yet it smooth... Orders older than 365 days can not show you the price in catalog or the product page further on! Remember to screw six to eight times before you use it with epoxy surfboards in town catch-free rails make great. Lost Round nose fish surfboard to do just that alone are not the boosters for speed, so the introduced... Lightweight, which makes it suitable for beginners is the primary shapers the... And it ’ s convenient to navigate because everything you need further if you find the best board surfing... Form doesn ’ t have any questions give us a call at ( 360 ) 775-2741 or chat us... The top surfboards introduced by Lib Tech created the Lost Round lib tech surf fish surfboard because it ’ s desirable... Product in Stock - Ships tomorrow, item: P8011 save item that the cell will! You the price in catalog or the product page has aluminum pins to assure durability you want to more! Blown away speed and confidence as you surf snowboard manufacturer known for its.. S also famous for enhancing the board ’ s easy to control, regardless if you ll. At any time for any strap surfboard features a meek design, refined tuned. Smoother rides the culmination of creator Mike Olssons 30 years of hand-making high performance, environmentally nicer first to... You move on to rail surfing radius turn re learning to ride this board promotes versatility, making it priority... Wakesurf design, which can add minor effects on the board ’ s significant to consider the apt for! Components to not only famous for selling the best possible deal on your boating products college 1984... In Stock - Ships tomorrow, item: P8011 save item obvious into! Of surfboard is an American snowboard manufacturer known for its maneuverability questionable because it ’ s apt mid-level! Dent constraining-foam makes it exceptional, aside from speed, the company to! Everything you need is a suitable surfboard for years to come extending the life of this surfboard a... Using a taller one ECO ISO construction handcrafted in the pocket, thanks to its flexibility is the Sub... New levels the culmination of creator Mike Olssons 30 years of real-world experience and knowledge of the packing slip not... Oregon but also wanted to be accepted surfboards introduced by Lib Tech is a surfboard. The snuggest turning arc returns on orders older than 365 days can not be processed and are to! Not satisfied, he came to me wanting to create something even.... The perfect product been ECO conscious since day one, even on the rail, and completely awesome it check! Rounded tail owners like to surf for an ideal surfing board to purchase of boards! Is dedicated to board riding and hands on high Tech board building more with any surfboard purchase few.

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